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Chapter - Let's open a new page in the understanding of corporal punishment

Duration: December 1, 2016 - November 30, 2018

Project number: JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/CORP/9176

Project partners

Leading organization

  • PULSE Foundation, Bulgaria


  • Evris Foundation, Iceland
  • ADFP Foundation - Assistance, Development and Professional Training, Portugal
  • National Network for Children, Bulgaria
  • "Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center, Cyprus


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  • to increase the knowledge and skills of the authorities in the field of effective and positive parenting and education in an acceptable, constructive and fulfilling way;
  • to build a unified methodology for presenting the problem and rethinking corporal punishment;
  • to raise public awareness of the difficult experiences and consequences of corporal punishment on children and adolescents;
  • to study and transfer "best practices" at the international level in 3 Member States of the European Union (Bulgaria, Cyprus and Portugal), with a strong educational patriarchal concept;
  • to coordinate the efforts of various social structures and communities to work towards legislative changes and to eliminate the actual problem.


  • transferring and piloting the Icelandic experience;
  • creating a training program for trainers;
  • conducting 4-day training of trainers;
  • development of a methodology and training program for working with children, parents and professionals for protection against corporal punishment of children;
  • screening among large groups of children and young people (before and after) using focus groups and interviews;
  • conducting training seminars with children, parents and professionals;
  • networking, support in the implementation of a multidisciplinary approach to support children affected by corporal punishment;
  • nationally representative study of the situation in Bulgaria and Portugal;
  • national information campaigns in Bulgaria, Cyprus and Portugal.

Expected results

  • implementation of the idea of transferring the Icelandic practice to Bulgaria, Cyprus and Portugal.

Specialized support services will:

  • improve their knowledge, skills and understanding of children's rights;
  • build networks to protect children against corporal punishment;
  • adopt a common understanding on corporal punishment and child protection in Bulgaria, Iceland, Cyprus and Portugal;
  • work on established methods for training children, parents and professionals.

The wider group of professionals will:

  • have access to quality, innovative and training guides / resources;
  • have access to new evidence of the impact of the programs.

Children affected by corporal punishment will:

  • have the power to keep themselves and their peers safe;
  • reduce the risks of future victimization;
  • develop knowledge, skills and support system.

Young people, future parents and society will:

  • have access to brochures and other materials created for them;
  • have knowledge of ways to protect against corporal punishment and support services;
  • adopt the understanding that corporal punishment is a violation of children's rights;
  • feel a visible change in society's attitude towards corporal punishment;
  • be encouraged to change attitudes / policies through sensitizing trainings and campaigns.

Type and number of persons who will be involved in the project


  • 90 representatives of specialized support services in Bulgaria, Cyprus and Portugal;
  • 90 teachers' representatives in Bulgaria, Cyprus and Portugal;
  • 20 specialized services to support NGOs, trained trainers;
  • 400+ professionals (distribution).

Children and young people

  • 300 children aged 4-6 years - trained;
  • 300 young people (8-12 years) - trained;
  • 300 young people (future parents) aged 18+ - trained;
  • 300 parents - trained;
  • 200+ children affected by corporal punishment;
  • 2000+ children, young people, future parents, etc. (through distribution).

Expected results in figures

  • 1 handbook for trainers (adapted for 3 contexts in Bulgaria, Cyprus and Portugal);
  • training methodology for trainers;
  • training methodology for professionals and teachers;
  • methodology for working with children aged 4-6 years;
  • practical methodology for working with students from primary education;
  • practical methodology for working with future parents;
  • 2 national surveys / 2 action research reports / national information campaigns in Bulgaria, Cyprus and Portugal;
  • trained 90 support service specialists / trained 90 teachers;
  • 3 types of brochures / posters and leaflets (in Bulgarian, Greek and Portuguese);
  • trained 900 children and young people according to the developed methods / trained 300 parents according to the developed methodology / supported 200 children affected by corporal punishment;
  • 2 films in Icelandic, Bulgarian, Greek, Portuguese / web platform in English, Bulgarian, Greek and Portuguese) / 4 webinars in English.


Project results and achievements – read the article.



book s

All materials created within the project in Bulgaria, you can find out into our library.

book s

The created brochures, manuals and materials in Portuguese could be found here.

book s

The handbook for trainers in Greek could be found here.


book sMICROANALYSIS on a preliminary survey of attitudes towards corporal punishment of children in Bulgaria



book s MICROANALYSIS based on preliminary study of attitudes about the corporal punishment of children in Bulgaria


book s


Corporal Punishment in Portugal


book s

Corporal Punishment in Cyprus


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Project title: Children Help movement Against Physical Threatening and Emotional
Repression / Project number: JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/CORP/9176

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