Violence in the family and in society is a reality. Response before it’s too late!

Youth Program

The Youth Club “2BFriends” is a voluntary organization of young people aged 12-18, part of the Prevention Program at Pulse Foundation. It gives an alternative to the young people to make a personal choice and become individuals with their own intellect, civil position, sensitivity and identity.


The Youth Club “2BFriends” was founded in 1999, immediately after the founding of Pulse Foundation. Pulse Foundation was only several months old organization when we started gathering in its office together with the team (of psychologists and jurists), and talking about the violence in our society which surrounded us and we witnessed every day.




*To help young people build harmonic human relations of equality, mutual understanding and tolerance. 




*To foster zero tolerance among young people towards all forms of violence in human relations; 


*To provide help and support to children and adolescents who suffered from violence;


*To help young people reflect on their behavior of aggression and intolerance;


*To inform young people on the forms and consequences of violence; 


*To provide information and build skills among our peers to oppose to the forms of violence which they witness in their every-day life.




– organization of youth events

– organization of Anti-Violence campaigns among community and peers

– operating of Rooms of Trust – youth school-based centers for peer-to-peer support and information

– organization of art groups and activities

– participation in training to recognize violence and refer peers to relevant services (mediators)

– participation in training in Resilience

– publication of information materials

– maintaining a web-page


The Youth club “Let Us Be Friends” has been functioning since the very begining of the organisation. Many young people have participated in the club throughout the years, some of them already grown-ups with jobs, families and their own children. Presently, about 30 young people meet regularly on a voluntary basis every Friday for two hours and discuss issues like good relationships with peers, violence in society, family models, domestic violence, couple relations, trafficking, etc.  They take part in the prevention activities of PULSE among school students. For further information, visit:

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