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TWELVE Children’s right to participation and the juvenile justice system

In accordance with the main international and European standards on children’s rights and with the Child Friendly Justice Guidelines of the Council of Europe, children should have access to an adequate treatment in justice. Listening to children, hearing their views and recommendations, understanding their aspirations and concerns and taking them into account for decision making processes is key for policy and practice to become more appropriate and effective. It is also a human rights imperative under article 12 (the right of the child to express his opinions and to be heard) of the un Convention on the Rights of the Child (crc) and a prerequisite for achieving compliance with international standards. International and European bodies have repeatedly encouraged states to adapt their legal systems to the specific needs of children.


TWELVE’s general objective is to improve the respect of children’s rights and real needs in practice in the juvenile justice system by developing and implementing a multidisciplinary training program for professionals specifically regarding the optimal participation and listening of children. This purpose will be achieved through the development of a multidisciplinary training process aimed at strengthening and harmonising the skills and capacities of professionals in addressing children’s rights and specific needs through the notion of participation as a key element for an appropriate, efficient and inclusive action.


To achieve its objectives the TWELVE project is structured around three interlinked pillars:

Analytical activities to properly assess the real needs both of children in conflict with the law and professionals working with them in 3 European countries (Italy, Belgium and Spain).

Training activities to develop and replicate a multidisciplinary training program aimed at improving the understanding of the CRC and informing professionals about how to implement its provisions in their daily practice in the 6 partners’ countries.

Dissemination activities to ensure a EU wide dimension as well as to share information and exchange ideas among professionals and officials involved in the juvenile justice system within Europe.

Duration: October 1, 2014 – March 31, 2016

Project co-funded by the European Union Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Program

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