Violence in the family and in society is a reality. Response before it’s too late!


PULSE Foundation provides:


  • Training for state officials of all institutions which provide crisis assistance and follow-up support to clients affected by violence and / or human trafficking:


– Police

– social workers

– teachers

– school counselors

– medical workers

– the judiciary


  • Training for school students to recognize the forms of violence, provide peer support and peer referral to relevant services


  • Training for children in kindergarten to strengthen the sense of personal boundaries, self-esteem and assertive behavior, and the ability to say “No!”


  • Training for parents on healthy child development


  • Training in crisis interventions for teams of the social services, crisis centers, social NGOs
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    Получател/Титуляр:Фондация П.У.Л.С.
    IBAN: BG54UNCR96601084291413
    При банка: Уникредит Булбанк

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