Violence in the family and in society is a reality. Response before it’s too late!


PULSE Foundation provides:


  • Psychological counseling and support to women and children, victims of violence and their families and friends – part of the “Rehabilitation” of the organization. Consultations are free of charge for clients of the organization and the Crisis Center. The duration of an usual consultation session is one hour.


  • Advising the parental role in families, affected by violence; strengthening the parent – child relationship, family mediation and counseling provided to relatives of the child and allocation of the responsibilities bringing up and care for the child


  •  Psychological work and support of children who had experienced abuse or in cases of developmental issues


  •  Groups for mutual support, personal growth and self-reflection for clients of the Crisis Center


  •  Groups for occupational therapy and learning skills for clients of the Crisis Center


  •  Training for care professionals, volunteers and young people in the Resilience approach – identifying and enhancing the potential of individuals and the supporting environmental factors that ensure normal development under difficult conditions or after experienced abuse.


  • Professional counseling and psychotherapy in:


– Psychological trauma and abuse (Post-traumatic stress disorder)

– Anxiety and Stress

– Depression

– Life crises

– Developmental issues

– Learning difficulties

– Generations conflict

– Loss and grief

– Natural disasters

– Emotional issues

– Social relations issues, etc.

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