Violence in the family and in society is a reality. Response before it’s too late!


Philosophy of the program:


Changing the behavior of addiction is step-by-step process in which stopping the drug is the final step. Some of the intermediate steps include harm reduction of the intravenous drug use. This strategy spans from safe drug use, through controlled use, to stopping. The priority of this program is harm reduction among drug users, and namely, to maintain low level of HIV/AIDS among this group. Stopping the drug use is not among the goals of the program.




• To reduce the risk of HIV infection and other blood transmitted diseases through exchange of needles and synergies.


• To limit the risky injection behavior among intravenous drug users.


• To limit the risky sexual behavior among them.


• To reduce the spreading of Hepatitis type C among intravenous drug users.


• To increase the number of early detected and referred for treatment cases of Hepatitis type C.


• To maintain low level of spreading of HIV among intravenous drug users.


• To increase the health awareness of the drug users.


• To popularize modern standards, practices and ethics in providing services and treatment for people, living with HIV/AIDS.


• To popularize the philosophy of the program among the wide public.


• To cooperate with state institutions and other NGO’s.




  1. Outreach work


• exchange of used and sterile needles and synergies;

• dissemination of sterile injection materials;

• dissemination of condoms and lubricants;

• dissemination of materials for health education;

• organization of discussions;

• dissemination of information materials on safe sexual and injection practices;

• referring clients to services for treatment, consultations or examination.


2. Identifying potential clients of the program


3. Motivating clients for examination of HIV/Hepatitis/Tuberculosis.


4. Raising awareness.


5. Organisation and participation in work groups and seminars.


6. Campaigning.


7. Media coverage.


8. Designing information materials.


9. Networking.

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