Violence in the family and in society is a reality. Response before it’s too late!


PULSE Foundation provides:


  • Family counseling and therapy to deal with the effects of violence, sexual or emotional abuse


  • Family counseling and therapy as follow-up care after leaving the Crisis Center or other programs of the organization


  • Family counseling and therapy as parallel care where the client participated in other programs of the organization


  • Family counseling and therapy for the following problems and issues:


– Child’s school or behavioral difficulties

– Conflict between children / adolescents in the family

– Parental issues in all age groups

– Couple difficulties, conflicts between parents

– Problems arising from divorce, separation, single parent family or a family with a step- parent

– Restoration of the relationships after experiencing traumatic events

– One of the family members has chronic issues such as alcohol abuse, depression, etc.

– Illness or disability of a family member

– Difficulties and stress in transition along the family life cycle



Family therapy is based on the belief that the family is a unique social system with its own structure and patterns of communication. These patterns are determined by many factors, such as beliefs and values of the parents, the personalities of the individual family members, the effects of the extended family or the generations. In family therapy:


  • Problem with one of the family members is seen as a symptom of a larger family issue  (eg. school or behavioral problems of the child). It can not be treated separately, without taking into account the family context that promotes and maintains the symptom.


  • Change in any of the family members affects, on one hand the whole family structure, and on the other hand, each of the family members separately.


  • Family system has a unique potential to cope with difficulties, but the best treatment effect is achieved when all family members participate and take responsibility.
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