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Drop-in center

The Drop-in center for intravenous-drug users at PULSE Foundation a low-threshold service, part of the organization’s HIV / AIDS Prevention and Control Program.


  • Minimize the risk of HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis infection and reduce the harms from the intravenous drug use
  • Provide care, support and information to improve the quality of life of the drug users
  •  Minimize discrimination in the community towards drug users caused by lack of information and conservative attitudes

PULSE Foundation guarantees confidentiality of the visits and the clients of the Drop-in center. 


The Drop-in center provides:

  • Safe and warm place to spend time
  • Warm drinks
  • Internet
  • Basic consultations and referral to services
  • Information on safe intravenous injection practices
  • Information on safe sex
  • Sterile injection materials, medicines, condoms
  • Information on HIV /AIDS /TB prevention
  • Regular blood tests
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    Получател/Титуляр:Фондация П.У.Л.С.
    IBAN: BG54UNCR96601084291413
    При банка: Уникредит Булбанк

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