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The Crisis center at Pulse Foundation is a community-based service, a state delegated activity as stipulated in the Social Assistance Act and the Rules of Application of the Social Assistance Act, Art. 36, p. 2. It was opened in 2011 and has a capacity of 8 beds. The Crisis center is a 24-hour emergency service. Its staff includes day and night workers on duty, social workers, psychologists and an occupational therapist.

The Crisis center is a part of the Rehabilitation program  of Pulse Foundation. Each client accommodated in the Crisis center has an assigned case manager – the main specialist who makes a needs assessment, agrees with the client on the individual care plan, assigns and coordinates a team of other professionals, who take responsibility for various aspects of the individual care plan, follows-up the application of the individual care plan and the development of the case. The clients of the Crisis center can benefit from specific crisis consultations and emotional support, psychological consultations, family consultations, training in parental skills, legal consultations and protection, regular social work in dealing with every-day life difficulties, such as finding a place to live, a doctor or specific medical care, job, school for the children, etc.

The Crisis center organizes a group for occupational therapy (training in specific skills – cooking, sewing, crafts, gardening). It organizes also groups for mutual support and personal growth for adult clients, and groups for crafts, sports and extra-curriculum activities for their children. Leaders of the groups are psychologists of Pulse Foundation.

The Crisis center accepts clients, survivors from trafficking in human beings. In such cases, the leading specialist from Pulse forms a multi-agency team of institutional representatives and works in cooperation with the Police, the Social Assistance Directorate, the Child Protection Department, the National Commission to Combat Trafficking, other NGO’s, etc. 

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