Violence in the family and in society is a reality. Response before it’s too late!

Charity Campaign

5th consecutive donation campaign of Raiffeisenbank “Choose to Help” has been started. Charity platform for online donations is opened to external donors from November 15, 2013.

-21 societal healthy, social, cultural and environmental causes will be promoted and supported during the campaign.

-The online platform donation- opportunity with a few clicks – any contribution of external donor goes directly to the cause he has chosen to support

-Nearly 3,000 employees in the Raiffeisen Group in Bulgaria have supported the campaign “Choose to Help” with their personal donations.

For the fifth consecutive year Raiffeisenbank starts fundraising campaign “Choose to Help” 2013 with 21 new societal healthy, social, cultural and environmental causes, which will raise support and funding. The campaign includes projects to help people with multiple sclerosis, for newborns with disabilities, children and adolescents who have experienced violence, scholarships for orphans, elderly and sick people , a project to clean up the beaches of the Danube and others. Most funds in the fundraising campaign traditionally Raiffeisenbank donate and employees of Raiffeisen Group in Bulgaria as they make personal donations for their chosen project and for each charity gesture by the employee regardless of the amount Raiffeisenbank add 100 Levs.

“The concept and implementation of the” Choose to Help” are really good and over the years it has been proven by the significant public benefit causes that supported and validated by numerous awards for social responsibility that we received ,” said Oliver Roeg , CEO of Raiffeisenbank. ” A few days ago Raiffeisenbank was awarded by the President Rosen Plevneliev and won the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum ‘ award for “Most generous donor “namely  for the campaign ” Choose to Help ” , he added.

For “Childhood without Violence” and our cause in the Charity campaign “Choose to help.”:

 There are children who experience chronic episodes of violence against themselves or are witnesses how one parent threatens the other. When the trauma is repeated, the child experience painful anticipation and dread of a new episode.

Prolonged abuse in childhood produces anger in adolescence. Anger periodically appears in emotional outbursts or aggressive behavior. The teenager can turn anger against himself by self-destructive behavior or self-harm. It is possible to direct the anger out by aggressive or deviant behavior to humiliate other children. Institutions register such cases, but do not provide follow-up care and alternative.

Statistics of PULSE Foundation for 2012 shows that it has been approached for help by 951 people – 590 of them women , 285 children and 76 men.

Supporting people affected by domestic violence would contribute to improve relations in the family and building healthy emotional relationships. Timely intervention in these cases reduces the risk of future problems in children.

Victims primarily need of satisfying the requisite for physical and psychological survival. Most victims of domestic violence are people who have been living in their home closed and separated from the possibility for a normal working life.

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