Violence in the family and in society is a reality. Response before it’s too late!

Awareness and creative thinking – the road to change!

There is a tendency for continuous increase in number of young people using drugs. Statistics shows that the first attempt in use of drugs is most often made in school years. The lack of information and/or neglect by families leads to serious health problems or even death.

The main objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive and innovative awareness rising and prevention approach towards health and social issues related to drug use, exchange good practices, transfer donor expertise and know-how and enhance the international dialogue on the phenomenon of drugs.

The project will contribute to a continuous decrease in the number of young people using drugs and new psychoactive substances and will reduce the cases of serious health and social problems. Among its effects will be the more welcoming and sensitized school environment and institutions.

This project will help knowledge growth and exchange of experiences among the partners which will improve their abilities of fighting drug abuse.

The project is coordinated by the PULSE FOUNDATION in partnership with:

  • Evris Foundation, Iceland,
  • Municipality of Pernik,
  • “Prevention” Directorate in the General Directorate “Security police” – Ministry of Internal Affairs,
  • District Council for Narcotic Substances,
  • Prevention and Information Centre,
  • Social and Health Alternatives Foundation,

Project activities

  • surveys among 500 students, children and youth at risk, families and institutions,
  • peer-to-peer information and support centers and psychodrama seminars in 5 schools,
  • school-based informational campaigns,
  • parents support groups,
  • seminar for psychologists, teachers, police officers, social and medical workers,
  • promotion of the model of the Youth Club from PULSE to partners,
  • round tables,
  • press releases,

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