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LEAP project

The LEAP project: Life skills, leadership, limitless potential: Supporting children and young people affected by sexual violence in Europe by strengthening and facilitating participatory practice
What is the project about ??
The aim of this project is to promote participatory practice with children and young people affected by sexual violence. The project is being delivered by 5 international partners across Europe. We want to strengthen and improve child-centred, rights-based responses for child victims of violence. Our work will involve practitioners who work with young people and children and young people in the UK, The Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

We are developing a training programme that offers the knowledge and skills which practitioner’s need to develop participatory work in their own organisations. We hope tthis will build capacity to protect and meet victim’s needs through participatory approaches.
We are also developing a life skills and leadership toolkit for young people affected by sexual violence, this will be delivered by young people themselves to protect other children and young people and challenge negative attitudes towards victims. This work will ensure children and young people are listened to and recognized as experts in their own lives and their peers.

The progress of the project and materials we develop will be shared internationally via newsletters, webinars and events. If you would like to receive information about these updates please contact: pulse.women@gmail.comIMG_2775

Let’s open a new page in the understanding of corporal Punishment

On June 21, 2017 a National Round Table “Let’s open a new page in the understanding of corporal Punishment” was held.

The event was initiated and held in partnership between the Ombudsman Institution of the Republic of Bulgaria and the PULSE Foundation. Read more

Together against tuberculosis

The PULSE Foundation continues its work on the program “Improving Tuberculosis control in Bulgaria!”

In the next three years a team of experts will carry out activities on prevention and control of Tuberculosis among the Roma community in Pernik District.

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TWELVE Children’s right to participation and the juvenile justice system

In accordance with the main international and European standards on children’s rights and with the Child Friendly Justice Guidelines of the Council of Europe, children should have access to an adequate treatment in justice. Listening to children, hearing their views and recommendations, understanding their aspirations and concerns and taking them into account for decision making processes is key for policy and practice to become more appropriate and effective. It is also a human rights imperative under article 12 (the right of the child to express his opinions and to be heard) of the un Convention on the Rights of the Child (crc) and a prerequisite for achieving compliance with international standards. International and European bodies have repeatedly encouraged states to adapt their legal systems to the specific needs of children. Read more

LEAP against sexual violence

094-66_23249561441_oIn November 2015, the PULSE Foundation has started the project “Life skills, leadership, limitless potential: Supporting children and young people affected by sexual violence in Europe by strengthening and facilitating participatory practice”, funded by the European Commission. Leading organization of the project is the University of Bedfordshire, England and the PULSE Fundation is a partner in the project, together with other organizations (Barnardo’s / SECOS, Stichting Alexander, Terre des hommes Foundation Lausanne Romania and Terre des hommes Foundation ‘Lausanne’ Hungary / Regional Office) from the Netherlands, England and Romania.

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Awareness and creative thinking – the road to change!

There is a tendency for continuous increase in number of young people using drugs. Statistics shows that the first attempt in use of drugs is most often made in school years. The lack of information and/or neglect by families leads to serious health problems or even death.

The main objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive and innovative awareness rising and prevention approach towards health and social issues related to drug use, exchange good practices, transfer donor expertise and know-how and enhance the international dialogue on the phenomenon of drugs.

The project will contribute to a continuous decrease in the number of young people using drugs and new psychoactive substances and will reduce the cases of serious health and social problems. Among its effects will be the more welcoming and sensitized school environment and institutions.

This project will help knowledge growth and exchange of experiences among the partners which will improve their abilities of fighting drug abuse.

The project is coordinated by the PULSE FOUNDATION in partnership with:

  • Evris Foundation, Iceland,
  • Municipality of Pernik,
  • “Prevention” Directorate in the General Directorate “Security police” – Ministry of Internal Affairs,
  • District Council for Narcotic Substances,
  • Prevention and Information Centre,
  • Social and Health Alternatives Foundation,

Project activities

  • surveys among 500 students, children and youth at risk, families and institutions,
  • peer-to-peer information and support centers and psychodrama seminars in 5 schools,
  • school-based informational campaigns,
  • parents support groups,
  • seminar for psychologists, teachers, police officers, social and medical workers,
  • promotion of the model of the Youth Club from PULSE to partners,
  • round tables,
  • press releases,

Days of good works 2015

The team and volunteers of PULSE Foundation is inviting you to celebrate together the national campaign “Days of good works.”

During the campaign we will renovate garden “The Mushroom”, located in East district.

We are going to clean, plant flowers and paint benches.

With the “revitalization” of the garden we aim to turn it into a cultural center and space for activities and events organized by young people for young people, such as in benefit of the whole community.

All necessary materials are provided, the only thing you should wear is a good mood.

Day: 30/05/2015

Time: 14: 00h.

Meeting point: Yellow bridge in East district

Wishing you sunny days filled with good deeds

The team and volunteers of PULSE Foundation

For more information:

The power of knowledge – basic way of life without violence

The project “The power of knowledge – basic way of life without violence” financed by the European Commission combines the efforts of three countries in the fight against trafficking in human beings.

As a result of that we have:

* Published a Manual for professionals in four languages – Bulgarian, English, German and Slovak.

* Published a book – a tale aimed at students in four languages – Bulgarian, English, German and Slovak.

* Video clip based on the story in Bulgarian and in English;

* Informational stickers and posters in four languages.




Christmas Charity Campaign 2014

Intentionally or not at the end of 2014 several ladies who paint, but not only that, who write, but not only that, joined their efforts to support children who are victims of violence.

Beautiful hand painted cards and amazing poetry found their place in the holidays of tens good people. All this happened under the expert coordination of two of our friends- Vladislava Georgieva and Rumena Tareva. The two ladies, together with their known and unknown friends gathered the sum of 850,00 levs. The funds are intended to equip the space for play, creativity and work with children who attend programs for rehabilitation of PULSE Foundation.

At the beginning of this year / 2015 / methodical room for children and free activities was furnished. With donated funds were purchased: A set of methodological tools for working with children of all ages.

The team of PULSE Foundation expresses its gratitude for the donation. Thank you for the warm words, wishes and willingness to support our activities with children who are victims of violence.

Photos of the renovated nursery can see in the gallery of the site.

Happy Easter!


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